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Country View Garden Homes is responsible for maintenance in your apartment. All service calls are to be placed through the office and will be answered promptly. However, if any items are damaged due to negligence or destruction either by the lessee(s) and or the lessee(s) family, friends, or servants either during occupancy or at the time the unit is surrendered to management: You will be charged the following:

The following charges are applicable during occupancy when foreign objects are found which cause unnecessary repair. These charges are due within seven days from the date of an official letter.

**Labor will also be charged at $25.00 per hour, per man to complete the job. **

Jammed garbage disposal – foreign object, (per call)$20.00
Replacement of garbage disposal – foreign object$100.00
Plunging & snaking a toilet$35.00
Pull Toilet$75.00
Lock out fee after office hours – to be paid prior to service$35.00
Replace lock$45.00
Replace key$3.00
Trash (per bag/item) left in hallway, laundry room, or found outside$25.00
Mail found on grounds (per item)$5.00
Broken window$100.00
Window screens$25.00
Pet waste fine (failure to pick up after your dog) per occurrence$50.00

The following charges are applicable when tenant(s) vacate the premises.  These Charges will be deducted from the Security Deposit that was placed at the commencement of the lease. 

Entry door (fire rated)$450.00
Broken door knocker$20.00
Replace interior door$125.00
Replace closet door – 36”$125.00
Replace closet door – 24”$125.00
Replace closet door track$50.00
Repair drywall (minimum charge of $25.00 per square foot)$25.00+
Repaint per room (when color is changed by the resident)$125.00
Remove wallpaper (per square foot)$7.00+
Remove wall boarder (per linear foot)$3.00+
Remove contact paper (minimum)$50.00
Replace electrical switch plate/outlet plate$5.00
Replace dining room light$85.00
Replace light globes$25.00
Replace chandelier bulbs$7.50
Replace light bulbs$5.00
Replace small blind (per window)$35.00
Replace large blind (per window)$45.00
Replace vertical blind slat (per slat)$5.00
Replace vinyl floor (per hour plus material)$25.00+
Replace wall tile (per hour plus material)$25.00+
Replace ceramic tile (per hour plus material)$25.00+
Replace towel bar$25.00
Replace medicine cabinet mirror$50.00
Replace bathroom vanity top$185.00
Replace drips pan in stove (per pan)$5.00
Replace light fixture$75.00
Replace bathroom vanity$150.00
Chipped porcelain (per chip)$15.00
Replace toilet seat$25.00
Replace toilet$165.00
Replace large kitchen counter$235.00
Replace small kitchen counter$85.00
Replace crisper cover$85.00
Replace refrigerator$580.00
Replace stove$400.00
Replace backsplash (per running foot)$10.00+
Replace range hood$65.00
Replace dishwasher$325.00-$600.00
Replace dishwasher door panel$55.00
Repair chipped appliances$15.00
Replace garbage disposal cover$15.00
Unpaid rent and/or management feesVaries

In addition to damages the Lessee(s) is responsible for cleaning upon surrender of the unit. The following charges will be applied if Lessee fails to clean the premises.

Large item left in apartment (per item)$35.00
Trash left inside unit (per bag/item)$25.00
Clean oven/stove$45.00
Clean range hood$15.00
Clean refrigerator$45.00
Clean dishwasher$25.00
Clean kitchen cabinets$35.00
Clean bathroom (per bathroom)$50.00
Clean floor (per room)$25.00

Upon the surrender of the rental unit the carpet is to be left in the same condition as it was received upon move in. The lessee(s) are responsible to clean the carpet upon vacating. The following charges will be applied when applicable:

Studio or one bedroom cleaning$70.00
Two-bedroom cleaning$85.00
Three-bedroom cleaning$95.00
Stain removal (per stain, in addition to cleaning charges)$35.00+
Studio or one bedroom dye$250.00
Two-bedroom dye$300.00
Three-bedroom dye$400.00
Kitchen vinyl replacementProrated
Bathroom vinyl replacementProrated
Foyer or hallway vinyl/carpet replacementProrated
Studio or one bedroom full flooring replacementProrated
Two-bedroom full flooring replacementProrated
Three-bedroom full flooring replacementProrated
Sectional carpet replacement (per square inch)Prorated
Studio full hardwood PVC planking replacementProrated
One bedroom full hardwood PVC planking replacementProrated
Two-bedroom full hardwood PVC planking replacementProrated
Three-bedroom full hardwood PVC planking replacementProrated
Section hardwood PVC replacement (per linear foot)Prorated

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