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During the rainy season, you may see an increase in pest activity. Each apartment will be treated at a minimum of once every three (3) months. If you have a pest issue between your scheduled visits, please contact the office and we’ll have them stop by the next time they are on property.

By following these simple steps you will help prevent infestations such as ants, roaches, fruit flies and more:

¨ Do not use do-it-yourself pest prevention products

¨ Keep food and garbage containers closed

¨ Keep kitchen and bath countertops clean and free from spills and crumbs

¨ Do not leave open containers of food or soda cans in your apartment—rinse soda cans before disposing or setting out for recycling

¨ Do not let fruit set out for long periods of time

¨ Do not use cardboard boxes as storage, instead use plastic tubs

¨ Vacuum regularly

If you have any questions please contact the office.


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